(v0.3.0) Background, balancing and more!

It's been quite a while since I've updated the game page but I come bearing many new features!

Firstly, I've added a lot of visual feedback to the game. This was highly requested and I have been given a great way to show the player when something bad has happened! If you happen to mismatch a colour, the outline of the player and spawners will appear red for a brief moment of time to alert the player of a bad choice. Another great visual key is the new particle effects you will now see once a collision happens. Sparks of various colours (depending on what colours have been matched) will burst onto the screen once a block hits and I've managed to tweak them to perfection so they are not too distracting or disrupt the gameplay.

The next big thing is the background. I experimented with a lot of different techniques: rotation, back and forth movement but when seeking feedback, was told the movement I had chose at first was a little disorientating and distracting. I am very glad I sought other's opinions since I now know this was a huge mistake on my behalf. Thanks to play-testers, I was able to come to the conclusion of instead using a simple texture scrolling instead of updating the physical position of the background like a damned fool. Ultimately, it works just how I would like and I am very happy with the outcome.

Last but not least, balancing and rhythm were two big issues I was having with the previous builds but now have developed a solution I am very happy with. I have decided to choose between five different set times instead of a random float between the minimum and maximum spawn time. This worked out perfectly and fits with the beat much better than it did last time.

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